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if i found a blackberry is it possible to have it hooked up underneath my name

if i got a blackberry it would b a unlocked one soo that technique i couldnt do picture messaging….so does that mean that my pictures that i nick would just stay on my phone 4ever or would i b competent to connect the blackberry to my computer or something to get the picture out of my phone?

My BlackBerry does not connect to my computer. I have installed the the desktop inspector. **I have window vista and a dell**

Blackjack 2 v.s. Blackberry Curve?
Which one of these phones is the best and why?? Thx for all the aid

BlackJack II vs. Blackberry Curve – serve, please.?
I CANNOT make up my mind. Here’s what I markedly want: Ability to blog/post to forums from my phone, if I needed to. Check myspace, check email. Youtube. Check eBay. Music. Flickr. I would love some input and experiences. We leave surrounded by the sticks, so the closest ATT store is about an hour away. Thanks contained by advance.

Blakcberry Curve…. PLEASE answer?
Im a teen and i was wondering if the blackberry curve is more for a business party… my dad said he would pay for everything (internet, texting.. ect) so it is only just the matter of whether it would be a honest phone, both my dad and sister have one, but idk is it a dutiful phone for a teen? if not, what would you suggest (text friendly) Not the iPhone rationale i have hear so many problems i don’t want to wage 300 for a phone that has bugs… if it matter i want it in red! :) !!

Blue eyeshade Physical memory dump and impossible pool guest?
I have 4 user accounts on my computer and it solely gives me this blind on one account. How do I fix this?? What’s the problem?

Bluetooth on Blackberry Pearl 8100?
my bluetooth connects to other devices but other devices cannot find me at all and even if one does i cannot recieve any music or pics from them because the phone say device not supported. What does that mean and does anyone know how to solve my problem?

Bluetooth on blackjack 2?
i just get a blackjack 2, and i cant find the bluetooth on it.

Bluetooth on my blackberry?
when i have my bluetooth on, it recognize other devices, but whenever i try ir connect, it says to enter a knob code. what is that? are they talking around my key code or the keycode of the human being im attempting to connect with?

Buying a topical phone?
okay. i’m upgrading my phone in the subsequent month or so, and i need to know what phone to seize. i have at&t. i want; PDA full baby grand **touchscreen is a definite plus [ ] is the intermingle. BUT. i want to know which phone YOU GUYS WOULD PICK! if you werein my shoes [: NOTE: *** not allowed to obtain the iphone ]: so please, post you’re opinions :D BTW: is a blackberry ‘ too much ‘ for a 13 year behind the times? x_x my parents says it is, as very well as a phone with a touch blind? post opinions on that too ^^ [:

Can a smart phone be password protected so that someone could put together a phone on it minus one competent to attitude?
your address, calendar , to-do list, follow-up etc? i had other considered buying one of these things but it occurred to me that if someone looked-for to borrow my phone for some calls, i wouldnt want them to know how to view my personal info.

Can Amazon Kindle be used next to regular wireless home exchange cards if traveling oversea?
I love Amazon Kindle but I will be away from USA for some time and was wondering if I would be capable of connect Kindle to the network via regular home net via wireless connection. Thanks for your assistance.

Can Any 1 Tell Me The Best Bluetooth Phone!?
I am not talking just about the bluetooth connection… i am chitchat about the bluetooth phone… that cheap phone’s which hav lotz of features!….. i lov phone near many features… can u suggest me a sexy Bluetooth phone that have all featuers close to {{ Wifi, Music Player, 3 or more MegaPixel camera,Touch Screen, very Loud Speakers and abundant many more features….. For me cost dosen event… but i really want a very attractive phone….i live contained by Bangalore {{India}}…. It would really be a great hepl if ne 1 give;s some suggestion?!!

Can any one abet me find or trade name a Pandora’s battery-operated for psp minus harm the psp.?
yess plz help

Can anyone backing me beside my blackberry email?
i just get my new BB curve, and I own tried to log in to my email, bit it say contact my network administrator. I dont enjoy one. My old phone have mobile email, and i could just log right into my yahoo, hotmail, or AOL narrative. Is this phone not like that? Help??

Can anyone recommend a respectable smartphone for me?
i obviously dont know much something like cellphones but would really like to purchase a smartphone near AT&T. The requirements I have is that it have GPS, email and messaging, microsoft windows, and the “wireless internet” (I know Im an idiot bc it pretty much sums up as a smartphone and bc idk the logical terms) and bc im such an idiot its gotta be idiot proof,(by this i mean no fancy shmancy downloading and etc) and well accessible.

Can anyone recommend a right competence PDA beneath 250 pounds?
I am looking for a decent PDA but I am also a bit of an electronics neophyte. All I require is access to the internet that has a clear eyeshade that gives alike look as a computer screen and the PDA doesn’t involve to double as a phone, just clear access to the internet would be fine. Thanks adjectives.

Can Blackberry Pearl phones receive ringtones from other phones through bluetooth?
I just only just got a blackberry phone but i cant numeral out if i can receive ringtones through bluetooth. Im thinking its just my phone. please aid :)

Can i acquire internet service within a PDA in need phone craft service?
I want to know about a suitable PDA, so I can have Internet browsing, but in need having a phone service plan, solely Internet.

Can I assign a ringtone to respectively of my contacts on my 8125 pda?
I finally figured out how to journal a song and set it as my ringtone, but the songs i record are contained by the my music file. How can I put them surrounded by the ringtones file, so that I can assign respectively of my contacts a ringtone?

Can i put my sim card surrounded by a sklx that i found?
I found a sklx can I put my sim card in it and trigger it and use the plan I already have near tmobile or do I have to send for them to change something?

Can I put songs on my t-mobile DASH minus using window medium player?
My windows medium player won’t validate and I individual have reworked copy nine right now. I call for to be able to put songs on this phone. Someone transmit me how I can do this. Thank you.

Can I sort a Pandora’s Battery lacking any cfw or lacking a 1.50?
Ya um I need to know if I can brand a Pandora’s Battery without any cfw or a 1.50 or doesn`t matter what that is. If I cant I call for a link to where on earth I can get the 1.50 and the Pandora files .

Can i uncouple my master reset on my sidekick?
i tried master resetting on my sidekick 3 because it was used but when i tried resetting it after the information on the net, it takes too long when it say waiting for activation can anyone help me do something give or take a few this? i cant call anyone or use the internet :(

Can i update civil servant psp firmware from 3.93 to m33 4.0 when it is realeased?
I have currently 3.93 strict sony software on my psp and want m33 firmware! i dont want to do a pandoras battery logically but will i be able to upgrade to 4.0m33 when it comes out (im not sure if it will be 4.0 or 4.01 or conceivably something else)

Can i use my PSP everywhere i want?
Can i use my PSP everywhere i want or do I have to be other close to my router?

Can I use the charger of a razar for the blackberry 8320??
Can I use the charger of a razar or the Motorola E6 Rokr to charge my blackberry 8320.

Can iPhones be used within Canada?
From what I’ve heard, they can be used beside some cell phone companies like Rogers, but at hand are some features of the iPhone that won’t work, like updates and the internet browser. These are my question: 1) Is the above comment true about the restrictions on the iPhones contained by Canada? 2) Does anyone have any further information around using an iPhone in Canada? 3) Can anyone compare an iPhone to resembling a Palm Treo phone or a Blackberry. For example, will the iPhone be able to synch the calendar, tasks and memos near Microsoft Outlook (and can it handle stuff from Outlook similar to repeating tasks etc.)? Thanks for any information.

Can jailbreak ruin your iphone??
i heard sometimes it’ll brick your iphone and i cant own that… if yours has please tolerate me know and tell me if i should or not??

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