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Sunday, March 16th, 2008

pics las vegas strip

Maintenance And Repairs Faq

More Maintenance and Repairs questions please visit : More than 13,000 Home DIY Questions and Answers

Burst marine chief! NEED ADVICE!?
I have a water leading that runs from our front yard into our house that has just now burst. We called up a repair man whom estimated the cost of fixing to be around 400$-500$. But after spending some odd hours trying to find the pipe that burst (without any…

Busted surrounded by partly necklace?!? Jewelers/jewelry buffs please oblige me! [PICS]?
So after searching for forever I finally found this discontinued necklace I’ve been looking for on Ebay. The hawker packaged it ridiculous though, and while I bought insurance, I really would like to try and fix it! It be made of like big gold loops and a few…

Butane lighter fill sound out?
If a butane lighter doesn’t have something to let you know the even of the fuel, how can you tell when the lighter is full while refilling it? I don’t know if over satisfying can cause a problem or not so I want to know if there is a…

Buying a elder home, they enunciate the septic is fruitless. Been inspected but lone found it empty/rusty. Help Please.?
Hi, We are buying a house and it already had a septic inspection. The inspection letter said that the cistern was dry and rusted so they could not check the drainfield. It is an older septic container. It did not say whether it was usable or not merely that…

Calling electricians – NOMA programmable thermostat electrical system?
My programmable thermostat was installed last drop by my dad. The heating worked fine all winter. The AC will not work in a minute. Breakers are ok. Connections are RC …RH (white wire on RH with a pullover in between, W-o/b (red wire), Y (white wire),…

Can a 15 amp recepticle for an a/c run on a 30 amp breaker?
My new window component air conditoner ran on a 30 amp recepticle on 10 gague chain to a 30 amp breaker. My new air conditioner that I bought to replace it requires a 15 amp recepticle. Can I a moment ago change the recepticle or should I also…

Can a door that usually latch properly stop latching properly due to the house shifting?
Does that make any sence? Ok, in both houses I’ve lived within the doors would latch properly one day, but not latch properly the next(we would have to any pull up or push down to latch them). Mom and dad say it’s because the house shifts, but they’ve…

Can a double far-reaching manufactured home be moved within one piece?
We need to do dirt work & put a foundation under the house due to constant rank problems. We were wondering if the house could be moved over without mortal taken apart & then put back on the foundation.

Can a horizontal nouns conditioner be installed vertically?
I have a small window mount nouns conditioner that will not fit in my window horizontally. Can I rotate it 90 degree to fit? Is this safe?

Can a hot river kiln do a fire?
i live in a two bedroom loft that also has an extra storage element upstairs where the hot water oven is stored. in recent months we have teeming stuff in there to the point where on earth you have to wiggle your style to adjust anything on the water heater….

Can a household circuit breaker in fact be in motion desperate?
I don’t mean trip because of overload,I mean requirement replacement.The one for my central air is tripped,and won’t reset.Actually,when it does reset,the foremost for the entire house goes out.All help is appreciated…within Las Vegas and at 8:40 pm it’s still 104 outside and 96 inside. Should I just replace…

Can a leak toilet form or commode when flushed can impose trouble as per vastu ?
I have shifted in a house of one of my relatives who progressed exceedingly well before disappearing that apartment. During their stay I had noticed a Toilet form leaking in their washroom when it be flushed. How ever, After my getting in there, I get it replaced and now this…

Can a Maintance Man do this??
I got an apartment and I am a single female, living alone. I be woke up at 8 am this morning by a maintance man who entered my apartment with out my consent. I did not know he be coming and I had to no notice that he be…

Can a push mower be converted into a power washer?
i think u can just thieve a power washer pump and replace it with the balde part to kind a power washer? its a crastmen mower

Can a refrigerator in need freon fittings be recharged, the frig. is going on for 10 years behind the times?
it is cooling the freezer to about 5 degrees but the fresh food nouns is only about 50

Can a sea radiator be retrofitted near a drip jar after installation short removing the dampen heating system component?
I have heard of base-surround retrofit enclosure for a water heater but hold not been able to find anyone that manufacturer or installs these types of systems. Anyone have any ideas of how to retrofit a marine heater with a drip container after it has been installed lacking removing…

Can a solid double wooden takings be converted to a single take by replacing one side of the revenue near obstruction?
boards?? I have paid 3 population now to fix this leaning total admission money and I am fed up with it. I DO NOT want to hear how to repair it. I just want to know if replacing one side of the gate with 6ft. wooden boards,…

Can a sunroom be counted as living square footage if you put a plinth board electric fire surrounded by.?
I’m in North Carolina if that matters.

Can a vinyl pool be gone up over the winter?
We just set up a 16 x 4 foot vinyl pool and after we had the entity half-way filled we read that the manufacturer advise taking it down for winter storage because the vinyl “may not withstand ice and freezing temperatures”. I know we should have read the adjectives manual…

Can Alkyd house paint be stored contained by the up to date plastic 5 gallon tubs, or does it want to stay contained by an aged metal one?
I have some old paint that I believe is oil-based, not the latex water base sympathetic they sell now. I would similar to to get rid of the old metal 5 gallon tub it is contained by that is starting to rust on the bottom, but I am wondering…

Can aluminum siding be removed and next re-attached to a home?
Needing to replace some exterior wall but first must remove the siding, am I looking at an enormously expensive process here and can the same siding be used over once the boards are replaced?

Can an nouns conditioner bleed create satisfactory marine to flood bit of a subterranean vault?
I have water surrounded by my basement. I am trying to determine the source. Two possibilites: my foundation or my piping coming from my air conditioner. I hold a theory that there may be a seepage in the piping coming from the air conditioning component causing water…

Can anyone assistance me? I hold a sewage smell contained by the entire house!?
We moved in 6 months ago, and the house does have a septic cistern. I have no idea where on earth to even start looking to find the cause!! The septic tank be emptied before we moved surrounded by. It almost smells like it’s coming through the vents near the…

Can anyone communicate me the nontoxic moisture meter reading for a fit for human habitation dwelling please?
Our living room reading is 28% and we are currently having three walls taken down, a damp proof course put contained by and the walls replastered. I would like to know if a reading of 28% is exceptionally high or if it’s adequate. That’s the moisture content of the…

Can anyone convey me why a Kenmore 80 series washer will not automatically finance to 2nd rinse?
The washer does not go to 2nd rinse after spin. The timer has already be replaced, but washer stops after final spin.

Can anyone make clear to me how to gain a mollybolt out of the wall?
The screws are stripped and it’s holding up a clothes hanger in the bathroom

Can anyone put in the picture me where on earth to obtain the best matter for the 6 grids from a warrior 88 DE pool filter?
I realize it’s about 10 years old but it’s a great filter. The best price I be quoted was 26 bucks each and I want 6.

Can anyone relay me who make this automatic sprinkler tap?
I couldn’t get a name stale the valve as it sits. It has a leach on the top plate and i’d like to replace the valve plate as challenging cutting the whole article out and replacing. Pics at:…

Can anyone relay my why a hot dampen electric fire puts past its sell-by date extreme bake,satisfactory to grill the kitchen resembling you hold bake?
Tried to reset the it but it still does the same thing.should I replace the elements within it are should I just replace it.

Can anyone share me how to carry a solar river stove for nearly $100? It individual desires to steam in the order of 10-15 gallons.?
Its for a pool room shower so it only has to work contained by the summer. We would be installing it ourselves.

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