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hairstyle pics perm
Young man wanting feminine hairstyle, please help me! (Pics inside)?

I have the urge for a feminine hairstyle, I want to experiment. I need your help.

I have short length, medium brown, straight hair.

I’m wanting a feminine style. A likely perm(body perm, preferred) and/or likely color(red or blonde preferred).

Option 1

Option 2

(I don’t know if this is big enough or what..)

Which option do you like? Which one seems more boy-girl like? How can I obtain that look? What do I ask for?

The one who gives me the best description and well-thought out recommendation gets Best Answer.

Please help me!

Many thanks all around.

- sarkozee

Definitely #2. Number 1 is so 80’s and it is definitely more girly worse than that it would look super dorky on a guy. Anyways I would steer clear of perm if I were you, it is a lot of damage for your hair. Just ask for the rocker look it much hotter. Like the one Jon Bon Jovi sported for a long time.,,12088-4842373,00.html check this out ! (this is a very descriptive pic also).
I think it looks super hot : this one’s a great alternative too if your hair is too short for the first suggestion. Just show the pics and the stylist will figure out the rest.
Since u have brown hair u might wanna consider getting light caramel almost honey colored lowlights around your face, it will brighten up your image tremendously!
Good LUCK!

*Asian Hairstyle Inspiration For Short Hair*

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