Pics Brown Recluse Spider

pics brown recluse spider
is there any such thing as a spider that looks like a brown recluse but isn’t one?

i know there not usually found in ny but my mother travels alot for her job and she was recently in a area where they live and then she found like 3 spiders in her house so i looked up pics of different spiders and the only one that they looked like was a f*ckin brown recluse!!! these things are deadly right?? it had like no hair on it, all light brown color with dark brown on its head sort of up by where the fangs would be, and a long type of abdomen not round like most spiders. it didnt have no other colors on it or stripes or nothin like that, just tannish brown like with darker up by the face area. wtf is this a brown recluse and if so how does she get rid of them?!?
its definitely those brown recluses cuz the other ones dont look nothin like it. sh*t i hope they dont bite nobody.

They did an announcement on the news a few months back here in Ohio alerting about a spider that looks similar to a recluse but it isn’t a recluse although we are also having recluse problems in Ohio as well. I am paranoid about every spider since they said some are poisonous without people realizing it. I know the recluse can do a lot of damage and the one that looks like it can too.

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