Pics Poison Ivy Rash

pics poison ivy rash
What was the prickly plant that gave me a rash?

It wasn’t poison ivy. But i was in the woods yesterday and a plant with leaves that had lots of sharp little prickers on the edges brushed against my hand. It felt like a bee sting. My hand got welts where the leaves touched. The welts are gone buy my hand still kind of tingles.
i can’t find pics online that match what i saw.
Yep, it was nettle. Thanks!
Have you ever eaten nettle or had nettle tea?

Was It nettle ?

Poison Ivy *WARNING* is pretty graphic lol….

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  1. Cherise Conlon Says:

    in our town we have lots of poison ivy plants, the itch and rashes that you get from it is just annoying.:

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  2. Jeannette Gartman Says:

    Every year, more than 10 million unlucky Americans suffer the itching, swelling and blistering that poison ivy leaves in its wake. This seemingly harmless plant’s oil can travel through the air, be transferred through clothing and can even attack days after you’ve been outside. It’s a tricky little plant that causes pain to nearly everyone in its path.”

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