Pics World Trade Center

pics world trade center

Wow account—It begins

Cheap wow account will give you more interesting feelings. If you are interested in trading with me, leave me message here. Thanks. Our man in Anaheim right now is none other than the Turpster (apparently the Deadliest Catch boat he grabbed a ride with arrived a bit early), and, jet sealagged as he may be, he found the strength to walk over to the convention center and get you the first pics of what this year’s BlizzCon looks like. Hit the gallery below to see what’s going on, from the Illidan statue setup to the Dippin’ Dots booth.Do you have any wow accounts you don’t need? I am seeking for some wow accounts.


No major spoilers yet (there are no Cataclysm posters lying around, disappointing as that may be), but it’s a great look at the calm before the storm of Blizzard fans that will descend on the area in just a few days’ time. Stay tuned for lots more coverage (and we mean lots more coverage) of what’s going on in Anaheim. BlizzCon 2009 is almost upon us!


Update: Blizzard has asked us to remove three images from this gallery that showed portions of the interior of the convention hall. As these were blurry, through-the-window shots that didn’t clearly show anything of excitement, we don’t feel anyone is missing out by not having them available. We’ll be sure to update you with plenty of high-quality shots when the convention floor officially opens on Friday. We’ve seen a few movies like this before, and I think there’s a lesson in that fact for Blizzard. There’s definitely something about the story of Arthas and Stratholme that captures the imagination, and inspires creators to tell and retell. Today, we’re looking at Culling of Stratholme: The Retaliation by Alexander Egeskog. This is the follow-up to the previously released Caverns of Time: Culling of Stratholme.


This isn’t a brief, quick movie, which is why there’s not an embedded stream. Culling of Stratholme: The Retaliation clocks in over twenty minutes, since it features the lore from Warcraft III as well as World of Warcraft. The voice acting and scripting is superb, of course, but it comes from in-game footage.


Where Alexander’s work really shines is the cinematic portrayal of in-game events. Again, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen someone give the cinematic treatment to the Culilng of Stratholme. But it is the first time I recall anyone going as far back in the history as this, so this would be my “favorite” to hand out to new-to-lore folks. Alexandar has done an outstanding job outlining the entire story, so it’s a great tool for folks just getting started with the history of Arthas.


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