Pics Yeast Infection

pics yeast infection
I have white spots all over my shoulders and back. Need to get rid of it for good!!!?

My doctor tells me its a yeast infection.A build up of yeast in my skin. It goes away with Nizoral lotion and pills every year and then comes back the next, this gets expensive. Just ask for pics if you need them. Any and all help is needed!!!!!!

I have the same thing it is called Tinea Versicolor. It is a fungus that is under the skin and the fungus tends to live in humid places. I have also heard that it lives in the sand at the beach, which could be why mine always returns too. Do you live or visit these areas often? If so it is likely that it will keep returning. The same ingredient that is in Nizoral is what is in all dandruff shampoos. You could try just washing your body evey single day with something like Head and Shoulders since it is cheaper and just try to keep it from returning. I tell my self that I am going to do this every year but I always forget until it pops up again and then I’m mad at myself. Its worth a shot though. You could also maybe get some jojoba oil and add some Tea Tree Oil (natural antiseptic) and put it on everyday after you have used the Head and Shoulders. You have to put Tea Tree Oil in a carrier oil of somekind or it will irritate your skin plus the oil delivers it deep into the skin. Hope this helps…I feel your pain- mine looks horrible right now since i’m losing my tan.

Yeast Infection Picture

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