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skyline pics nissan
Dropping different make & model engines into a Honda?

I know that someone told me Acura Integra engines can be swapped with Honda, but can anyone tell me if they know of anyone dropping a Nissan Skyline engine in theirs?

I own a 1992 Honda Accord. I think customized just right, it would be worth it.

I’m really curious to see if this could work. If not a Skyline engine, what else could fit in there? Pics would be greatly appreciated!
I don’t want to do what everyone else is doing. I want to go all out and have a really showy antique with the BEST mods that can 1) Deafen people 2) Scorch the half-mile in a single digit and 3) Have something NO one else does.

It seems anyone can swap in a F22, H22, a Vtec. I’m not looking for easy. I want to sit under my car for 6 months every day and produce something absolutely stunning.

Well technically you can do any engine swap u can imagne…the only problem is money. A few things to consider when choosing an engine to swap into your accord is if the engine is ment for a FWD or RWD platform. This is by far the most important. Your accored is FWD and if plan to convert it to RWD u are going to need ALOT of money because everything will have to be custom made. Too many parts to go into details.. Ive heard of accords swapping to prelude H22 engines. A skyline engine like you mentioned would cost alot. I believe the engine it self is around 3.5k then you would need a custom drivesaft…custom rear axle, custom motor mounts, radiator, and the list just goes on and on. The easiest thing would be to just turbocharge your engine. The next easiest would be a H22A swap.

Nissan Skyline Pictures

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