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Top 14 Hot Motorola Droid 2

Motorola Droid 2 was released recently. Perhaps you already have one. Do you want to install some applications for Android Droid 2 do better to use? The following tutorial will choose the best 14 Droid 2 apps for you.

Browser Reality Layar:

Layar Reality Browser displays real-time information at the top of the digital reality on the screen of a mobile telephone camera. Looking through the phone? S lens, you can see houses for sale, popular bars and shops, tourist information area, play live games, etc.. Layar Reality Browser Android App is one of the coolest ideas to get Android phone!

3banana? Note CA

3Banana Android App Notes notes, taking to the next level, allowing you to add pictures from your camera phone to the note, or scan the bar code object(for shopping, websites and more). QR codes popping everywhere as a substitute URL that? s the great foresight of the developers. Notes 3Banana Social networking is an awesome companion. I do not only that associate a picture or even better? simply scan the QR code and socialize.

Sky Maps Google

Sky Maps Google

Sky Maps Google Android application is a true miracle of modern technology and ease of use. The owner of the mobile device can discover the beauty of the night sky just positioning and pointing them toward Google phone space.

Using and Optimizing Android phone? Orientation sensor locations are shown could star for the area. Every star, planet, and constellations on your phone? S point of view, which is currently known to man and can be seen by modern technology will appear in the detailed maps perfectly to your phone? Display s.

Google Goggles

Google Goggles is a visual search applications. Instead of using words that capture an image object from the camera in your phone, trying to recognize the object, and returns relevant search results. Goggles are also information on the company close to you, by placing their names directly in the preview camera. Search giant cranking impressive apps adds alternate ways to find information that would normally be entered in Google? Search engines are

count calories

Calorie Counter application for Droid 2 allows you to keep track of everything you eat throughout the day. This application is a large database of foods from which you can adjust your meals. There is also a list of popular restaurants and shops, whose menus are available in the database. Calorie counter works like a charm and is a very useful tool if you are looking to get some help in maintaining a sensible diet plan.

book reader Aldiko

Aldiko Book Reader can be downloaded and read thousands of books directly on your Android. Everywhere. At any time. Browse a comprehensive directory books(most of them FREE) and download them from within the application. Convenient and highly customizable reading experience(font / background color, font, margins, night mode, etc.).


SportsTap is the ultimate mobile sports portal. Access to all the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA Football Basketball, NASCAR, golf, tennis, soccer and football scores and stats from anywhere, or in accordance with the local teams, wherever you are on LocalTap. 2.0: Notifications Favorite Team Display Widget. 2.1: Favorite added the NCAA!

Opera Mini browser

Web Opera Mini browser for Android. Get faster, more cost-effective Web browsing. Use our powerful servers to compress data by up to 90% before sending it to the phone, so the page is loading-instant. Opera Mini is easy to use and Opera Link enables you to synchronize data between your phone and PC. Try Opera Mini today, it is completely free.


Android on Facebook makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends. You can provide status updates to the main screen, check your RSS feeds, look for friends? and walls of your information, upload photos and share links. An application that dupped us all to think that this is an official Facebook application for Android, not yet developed 3rd party Facebook app. The application is very limited compared to the function applications, such as top talker and Bloo. Upload photos, take a pic and upload, view of the canal, read / write on the Wall, Friends Comment wall and I do not like comments.


Loop, you can get to their friends and the place around. See where your friends and what? You do. Connections to date and instantly share photos, comments, and cool place. Change your phone into a social compass and never be lonely again, or border! Loop is more cool factor than social networking and useful. For some users this can be very useful if many of your friends is the Loop.


Last FM is an absolute miracle, its a great tool to learn and discover new music listening, and recently moved to mobile devices. Uses since that time he was away, but never Last FM worked so well, than the day launched an application for Android phones. Proposal is in the Android Market on the menu is saved in the phone, is it? They are free and correct application of the device.


Wapedia encyclopedia Android is the Android phone and Motorola Droid second Enjoying a zippy download speeds like? The quickest way to access Wikipedia, the? this application? features are too low. Like Wikipedia, it can be used in about 150 languages, but Wapedia Android is not it? Not only Wikipedia for mobile touch. Wapedia also allows you to access your wiki alternatives. In addition to the encyclopedia, for Android Wapedia their places user? Hand is access to the wiki humor, games, health, religion, and many others.


Twidroyd PRO(fka Twidroid) is a leading full-featured Twitter client for Android. Pro version offers enhanced functionality, such as multiple accounts, video, or themes. Twidroid officially changed its name to Twidroyd. The good news, you can do every function virtual Twitter applications for Android, such as: Direct News and @Reply to your friends, photos, paste the URL of your location and set the new feature by pulling Geo location with GPS. In addition, you can search and set the notification Tweets background too!


RingDroid? S is the main feature, which allows you to create your own ringtones directly from T-Mobile G1 Android Powered, or(save 99 cents per track!) When an application is running, it includes all those MP3 files on your phone. You can search by sliding the G1 unveiling the landscape keyboard when you type filters. You can also record audio through the built-in ring in the New Sound Recorder app.


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