Wedding Pics Effects

wedding pics effects
wedding question: Video And Photography…?

me and my fiance really found a place we like the price for everything came to about 4900..i wanted this a good price for…

bride and groom albums 60 –8×10 library album.
two parent albums(Leather Covers) 40 –5×7 library albums.
100 wallets w thank you pics
bridal party pics 5×7
1 jumbo blown up picture whatever we want
(forgot the mesurements but really big)
2 8×10s
2 11×14s
and all proofs (goodsize) in a book

And a video with the invitation in it, home coverage, twenty baby photos, intro graphics, full ceremony cov, cocktail hour, full recept, special effects, chapters, honeymoon pics, and video recap…(pretty sure thats all)


That sounds competitive for those services.

How much of that is videography? That’s my question. Frankly, videography services seem to be overpriced for the actual service. Rarely do people look at their wedding videos … typically once. Look at that charge separately and think about rather you’re getting your money’s worth for a video that you won’t look at very much. The photo package looks to be plenty robust to provide the memories you’ll want.

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie Wedding Pictures

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