Wedding Pics Eva Longoria

What do you think of this hair style ?

really like Kims hair here what do you think of it for a formal event

or for a bridal style but altered -notice how its pinned at the side i was thinking for a beach wedding it would look beautiful with a flower where its pinned back ….what do you think ??


Okay people who are trying get technical saying its greasy n ugly i dont mean EXACTLLY like hers okay i mean side swept with curls !! :S good god dont answer if your soo depressing geta life
Okay soo its good on her well let me tell u this i have long dark hair like hers its curly alredy and i have dark features sooo theres a lil discription
(hairs pretty much same length)

yeah sounds good. it might take a while to do if your hair is not naturally curly but judging by youir avatar it is- and good with a flower for a beach wedding! you’ll look great!

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